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Drinking and Drugs On The Road

In the travel world weather, you are traveling cheap or luxury style drinking and drugs can easily be added to your agenda.

In the backpacker world, it seems pretty hard to get away from. It seems to be everywhere. Staying at the larger backpacking hubs it is a massive event. Parties and pub crawls, boat parties, and jungle parties can be found every night of the week. It is easy to stumble upon drugs, just ask around. Drinks of course are sold all day and can be found in conscience stores depending on what country you are in.

So being someone who is sober now who used to love to party and would be looking to party at any chance that I could get I find it hard to fit myself in the culture again.

Grabbing a few drinks gets everyone to put on their silly pants and feel good. You can get a drink for a friend, play a few drinking games and you’re in. Everyone is on the same page, having drinks, smoking some dope and having a good time

Smoking cigarettes can be a way to connect with the scene, as it gives you something to do with your hands. Asking for a cigarette or a lighter can make you a friend. This is something I will do once in a while. When I’m feeling particularly anxious and feel like I’m not going to make any friend, it can give me an ‘in’.

Traveling is another world of its own. Most people are used to drinking more than at home, letting loose and enjoying themselves. So of course partying is going to be one of the ways to enjoy yourself abroad. The parties are cheaper, the drinks are cheaper, the drugs are cheaper and you are with people from all over the world.

So back to navigating it all sober.

First of all, remember you’re a boss ass bitch and that you choose the sober life for a reason.

It is worth so much more than getting drunk or fucked up again.

Be open and confident about your choice. Fuck keeping it a secret or trying to play it off cool. It is cool as fuck. Being cool, haha, I mean being sober is cool as fuck!  You are cool, period. No questions asked.

If you find yourself at a party, have a way out for yourself. May that be someone who will leave with you or a safe way home for yourself.

Sometimes it’s always best to avoid them. Right now, that is how I feel. I don’t put myself in those situations, mostly because I really don’t have as good a time I did when I was drinking. Now I enjoy a night in and always happiest this way.

FOMO can be a serious issue too. Everyone is going to a party or rave and you’re not. You feel like you’re missing out and the only way to be included is to join. Again it’s just another night out, it’s drinking, drugs, dancing, and a massive hangover the next day is guaranteed.

Remember to stay true to yourself and know that it is possible. There are many online supports, AA meetings around the world, and a lot of people who also don’t want to party.

Much love,


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