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Wow. I was just looking back at my drafts for this blog and I have so many that were never posted. Most of the time because I wanted to get each post perfect, or I felt the subject matter didn’t fit with the travel blog narrative. Which is something I have struggled with probably since I started this blog.

I do this thing where I think if I change one thing about myself or where I am living that I will be “cured” of struggling with my mental health. So being completely honest, starting this as a travel blog was to fulfill exactly that. I thought that if I become a travel blogger, I will be happy. Spoiler alert, that isn’t true at all. I felt a huge discontent, between what I was writing about and what was going on inside. It wasn’t feeling authentic, it didn’t feel like me.

What does feel like me is being open and honest about my life, this includes talking about my mental health, substance use and my personal options. Now I feel like I am more ready that I was before to share myself my authentically online.

Being able to have travel the way I have has been such a wonderful experience. It has exposed me even more to the privileges that I have and has made me a more honest and authentic human.

Here is to writing about what I want, when I want by listening to my heart (& my head when nessicary). And like Gary Vee reminds us all, to just do it, say yes and get it out there, there is no harm in trying.

Much Love, Katherine ❤️

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