Missed Flight: Athens, Greece

This. Was. By. Far. The. Worst. Thing. Ever.

Okay, I’m being a bit melodramatic, but fuck. This is never a good feeling.

Running Late

Being me I was in a rush and running late. I forgot to finish pre-registering online so by the time I got to the airport I was 4 minutes late….4 FUCKING MINUTES. As soon as I arrived I ran to the check in counter and they said there was nothing they could do, check in was closed. hat is what they told me. I tried to persuade them, the help desk and customs. Nothing changed the fact that I was late, I was not registered and they were no way in hell going to let me though. I watched the screen as the flight was loading. I watched the screen as the gate closed. And finally I watched as my flight took off. No one cared about the situation I was in, no one cared how distraught I was and no one was going to help me. I cried so much, I was so fucking upset. It was completely shit and I did it to myself.

The airplane that I didn’t make it onto.

Change Of Plans

I posted on FB about it and my friend Skye who I had met in Berlin reached out to help me. We talked and she found me a flight that I could take as an alternative. I got my Mom on the phone and she was amazing and helping to figure myself out. The next day I had Sail Week booked in Croatia and didn’t want to miss it and worried I would loose my money. In the end I spent more on the flight to get to Croatia than the sail week itself. I’m ashamed of how much the  new flight cost, especially when I could have pushed the trip back a week or gotten a refund.

Another plane picture to remind you of what I was missing.


I look back and I was a complete mess. I had come from Ibiza to Ios, Greece, which is a party island and was super fun. But I was seriously feeling a burnout. I had been drinking a lot and doing drugs to keep up with the scene and have as much “fun” as possible. After I left the island that morning on a boat to take me to the mainland, I remember going online to check in, but I decided that a nap would be better… REALLY. Hahaha. I am laughing because this whole situation is something I brought on myself. As my friend I met this past week from Brazil said, I turned my face up and spit water into the air…Of course it would come and bite me in the ass.

Anyways, regardless of who was to blame I learned a lot.

Check your flight the day before to see its standing, it’s possible that the departure time has been changed. If you can check in 24 hours in advance do that! And finally simply be early!  It really isn’t that hard to be on time, I’m sure you’ll have no problem.

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