Things I’ve Lost Around the World

This is a list a started making on my backpacking trip in 2016. I am forever losing things, leaving a trail of belongs in my wake. I either know exactly where I left them, or I have no idea where they were misplaced. I am very capable of misplacing things, I’m quite good at it. I thought this would be a fun post to share as I am sure I am not the only one!
  1. My favourite Flowy Floral Crop Top – Tomorrowland, I still miss this
  2. Lit Fam Crop Top – left somewhere in Tomorrowland
  3. My cute turquoise bra – Tomorrowland?
  4. Lock – cut off in locker in Berlin, found the key later in my bag…
  5. Makeup Bag, filled with all my makeup jewelry, and bathroom essentials – Tomorrowland or on a train to Germany
  6. Two pairs of jean shorts – Left behind, okay technically not lost but still they join the list
  7. Towel – Hostel in Rome
  8. 2 & 1/2 bathing suits – Tomorrowland?
  9. Money – It always goes missing
  10. Two Credit Cards – One to a ATM in Bangkok, the other I’m not so sure
  11. Myself – I am also very good at getting lost
  12. 300$ – To a con-artist in Bangkok
  13. Keds – Stolen after I broke my hand in Sunny Beach
  14. Party Crew work top – Stolen
  15. Water bottle – who knows where it went.
  16. Lost the best Canadian debit card  – Thankfully I found it
  17. Bamboo Cutlery Set – Spoon, Fork, Knife and Chopsticks
  18. Metal Drinking Straw

There I am sure many things which didn’t make the list. Although this is a list that is sure to be ever growing the more of the world that I see.

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