The Best Canadian Travel Debit Card

Tangerine definitely has the best debit card for Canadians Traveling abroad. If you want to sign up with a minimum balance of 100$ use my link here and we both get 50$, so hey it’s good for both of us.

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hey are a part of the Global ABM Alliance, meaning that all participating banks allow for no international fees when using one of the other participating banks. These include Westpac found in Australia, New Zealand and other oceanic countries, as well as Barclays which is in the UK. Tangerine only charges two dollars for ATMs that are outside of this alliance and no extra conversion fee is charged. So when I though I almost lost this card, I was not happy. It would have meant using my TD debit card and paying five dollars for every transaction, with a 2.5% conversion fee and bank charge.

This is not the first time that I have lost my bank card while travelling. When I was in Bangkok two years ago I did the exact same thing. I remember exactly where it was left and knew exactly what I did wrong, not realizing until it was too late. I did that again.

Losing My Bank Card Again

I left my bank card in the machine after taking out cash. In Canada you get your card before your money and here it is the other way around. I didn’t realize till I was back at the hostel that I did not have it. Freaking out  I walked all the bank in hopes that I might find it left aside, of course no luck. The next day I tried to call, unsuccessful I walked back to the bank to see if they hand found it. I was told that the machine might have slipped it back in and to come back after 3 when someone could check for me.

Anyways, to my luck they got my card! I can’t describe how good it felt. I walked about kissing my card and began telling myself the process in which to take out money. Repeating money, bank card, money, bank card over and over in my head.

From now on I hope this will make me remember to also check that I have taken my bank card.

On that note I would like to remember all the items I lost and found in 2016. I have finally been inspired to publish a post which I have thought about since day one of losing things titled Things I’ve Lost Around the World. I would also like to make a shout out to my father because I am sure that I have inherited this quality from him! Thanks Dad, haha.

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