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I have mentioned it many times but this week coming up to this flight I have been anxious as a motherfucker. I finally calmed down once I was through security and officially started to get a little excited. It seems as if so many things are happening at once. Today it has been a year of me being sober. I am embarking on another long backpacking adventure for 3 times as long as my first in 2016. I now have travel blog to document my travels. I plan to travel slower, work along the way, volunteer though workaway and hopefully at the end of it all come out the otherside a more fabulous me 🙂

Anyways let me get to the point of this blog post. Turkish airlines and how they are always impressing me.

First off my flight from Toronto to Istanbul and then another flight from Istanbul to Bangkok costs a total of 569 CAD one way. In economy class I arrived at my seat with a blanket, pillow and ear covering head phones. We were also given a comfort kit with socks, eye mask, slippers, dental kit, chapstick and ear plugs. We were then handed a menu for what options are served on each flight.  They cover just about every dietary issue you could come across, as long as you remember to request 24hrs before your flight which I accidentally forget and business class gets an onboard flying chef. All the meals are made according to islamic practices. A choice of alcoholic beverages is also available at no extra cost. One flight attended poured a shot which looked more like a vodka with cranberry to me than the other way around.

There are tonnes of movies, tv shows, music videos and other entertainment to choose from. They also have Live TV, news and sports.

You can purchase wifi and use your mobile network being charged roaming fees. Business class gets wifi for free.

Turkish airlines offer a few layover perks in the Istanbul airport. They have free tours of the city if you have at least 7 hours and if you have over a 10hr layover that cannot be changed for a shorter option you are given a hotel stay for free.

I though I had confirmed vegan meals for my second flight, but the request didn’t seem to come through which was disappointing. I did get the first of two meals vegan though as they had an extra and it was delicious. I will know next time to make sure to request my meal as soon as I purchase my ticket.

The one thing that did really bother me, not related to Turkish airlines but flying in general, was watching them de-ice the plane. I have never seen this before and the green spray which covers the wings must be so toxic. It reminded me of how big of an impact flying has on our earth. It makes me feel bad for flying, it is not something I am going to give up, but looking into ways to offset my flight foot print is definitely something I will look into.

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2 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines

  1. Liz Roelser says:

    Great blog…I want to travel Turkish Airlines… clearly they know how to treat their customers. ..

    1. Katherine says:

      They really do! I would definitely recommend flying with them. Business class also got a lot more and had tonnes of room.


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