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This post is inspired by the 2018 Tomorrowland preregistration email. As well as the fact that maybe its a post that can get me some views, hey at least I’m being honest.  In this article I am sharing all I know about the festival and all my tips to snag a yourself a ticket. I read so many blogs and discussion boards preparing to get tickets myself. As trying to get tickets is difficult because they sell out within minutes. So if you are determined as I was it is important to prepare and get as much information you can. So I wanted to help contribute my wealth of information and maybe get some exposure on my blog too, no shame.
Anyways lets get to the good stuff. I made a little interview with myself to best answer questions I had and that I have seen others ask.
Main stage at night.

What is Tomorrowland?

It is a huge electronic music festival in Boom, Belgium. The city when Tomorrowland isn’t around is actually quite small, like really small. Walking through the city to get to the entrance gates I was astonished about how little was present. The first ever Tomorrowland was in 2005. Throughout the years the festival has grown to be a world renowned music festival, from people from 100s of different countries from around the world.

What is the overall experience like?

It is seriously massive. It has grown to have about 18 stages. The number of attendees has grown to 200, 000 people! It was almost too big, which is why I want to go back. There were so many people, so many food and drink vendors. So many cool things to look at and experience. I am writing another post about my overall experience, check that out here (coming soon).

What are the ticket options?

These are the options that I am aware of:
Day passes – tickets for a single day
Weekend pass – Tickets for the weekend
Global Journey Package – These tickets go on sale first, they includes various transportation, accommodation with Tomorrowland and Dreamville Tickets
Dreamville – which includes a full weekend pass, types of accommodation
Unite – tickets to festivals in other counties linked with the Tomorrowland experience
Waiting List/Exchange Desk – get on the waiting list to get potential resells etc.
Third Party Site – Viagogo etc.
Prepare for the the day you are going to purchase tickets by knowing exactly what option you are going to purchase.  That way you don’t have to worry about your session timing out! I decided to buy 4 tickets even though I was attending with only a single friend of my own, and found others to get the other pair.
Dragon Stage

What steps did you take to prepare for getting tickets?

I read tones of different blogs and discussions I could find online. The most helpful blog post I found was from Alex in Wanderland. Her post about how to get tickets was the first I heard about being the top ten in a country and getting priority to purchase tickets before the world wide sale. Once I read that, it was my goal to get tickets the same way. I also found a few forums on Reddit, this post is a good place to start. This post on Medium has a wealth of information. Here is another post it exposes the troubles that can occur with your credit card. This is an infographic someone made its another awesome piece of information if you are curious about prices.
Make sure to check out past years which provide tonnes of information. Reach out to friends or aquantinces you know that have attended. Connect with people on Facebook through Tomorrowland based groups from present and past years. Connect with people on your local rave group. I read about what it was like, I read other first hand experiences, how hard it is to get tickets, how to guarantee tickets, alternatives to get tickets and every post in between. There is a wealth of information online so I suggest doing as much borrowing as possible to get yourself hyped and prepared to get Tomorrowland tickets.

How did you get tickets to Tomorrowland 2016?


   I first registered with FestTicket to get emails and updates about Tomorrowland. Treating it like I was  registering like I did for the resale. Not sure if this is necessary but I was a huge keener and wanted to be first for everything.
    I treated the pre-sale like the actually sale. Seriously I prepared myself as I would to get tickets for any other festival that would sell out quick. First, I checked the time difference between the sale time in Belgium and where I live. Next, I made an event in my calendar with an alarm to make sure I wouldn’t forget, I ended up counting down the days.
    The day of pre-registration I made sure I had time before to open the registration page early, and see what I was going to be dealing with. I had two computers and my phone ready with the page open. Make sure not to refresh the page, once you’re on the page, it’s like you’ve joined a line. Once you refresh you’re bumped to the end.

Post Purchase

As soon as it is time, register as fast as possible!! The more help the better. I pre-registered and to my surprise I was one of the first 10 people to pre-register!!! 

    Once I knew I had tickets secured I solidified plans with my friend Peter and posted in the Toronto Rave Community Facebook group to see if anyone else was interested in going and I could buy them tickets. I got only one message from a girl Stephanie, she was looking to go with her boyfriend. She was so sweet and became a good friend of mine that I ended spending time with at the festival.
    Myself and Peter got the magnificent greens tickets which is access to dreamville and Tomorrowland but you must supply your own tent.
For the Magnificent greens package which includes access to Tomorrowland and Dreamville and requires me to bring my own tent. From Thursday till Sunday cost me 525 CAD.


  • Make sure to confirm the time different from where you live to CET. For myself CET is 5 hours ahead, that 5  makes a huge difference!
  • Treat the pre-register like you’re actually going to get tickets
  • Have as many people trying pre-registering or purchasing as possible
  • Don’t refresh the page!
  • Have a strong uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Be open to different options incase your number one option is soldout.
  • Research on different forums, connect and talk with people who have experienced.
  • Be precautions when purchasing tickets through third party sites to avoid scams.
  • Have the phone numbers ready for who you would have to call if a problem arises. Also make sure you know make the call if it is international.
  • Make sure that you will be able to make the transaction on your bank card. Contact your credit card and let them know you are making a large purchase.
  • Have more than one credit card handy, you can never be too safe.

Ticket sale important dates for 2018

This link provides all the necessary information about the ticket dates.
Pre-registarion – January 9th 2018 @ 17H00 CET ends February 2nd 2018 @ 20H00 CET
Global Journey Ticket Sale January 20th 2018 @ 17H00 CET
World Wide Pre-Sale January 27th 2018 @ 17H00 CET
World Wide Ticket-Sale February 3rd 2018 @ 17H00 CET
** The top 10 of each country will be before the World Wide Sale, with instructions as to how to purchase your tickets **

Problems I experienced

An error message was occuring after confirming my purchase. I sent a few emails to both Tomorrowland and PayLogic, the company handling the transactions, and wasn’t getting the response I was looking for. I finally had to make the international call to talk with someone over the phone. They were very helpful and able to fix the error and process my order. I was so happy it all worked out in the end but if that problem had happened if I was just purchasing through the world wide sale I’m not sure I would have handled it too well.
Other than that I didn’t have a problems or concerns. Of course there will always be hiccups but if you don’t get tickets that’s okay, there is always next year. That’s all I have got at the moment! I’m sure I will think of something else! Be sure to ask me questions, you won’t know unless you ask. Best of luck xx.
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