Writing More, Reading More

In light of my recent, cough, rather long interest in the youtube society I feel I should make click bate titles to get more attention. On the contrary I also want to avoid it because it is un authentic. Rather, I prefer to mock it. Gaining the click bait purpose but also shaming it for how ridiculous it is.

Any who, I am laying here in my bed, as I have done for most of the time since I have last been home from travelling. If I’m not at work I am most likely catching up on the trash tv I love and adore. Which includes anything and everything MTV.

I recently lost my cell phone. I swear I was as sober as a cookie, I just have terrible luck. I was reorganizing my backpack on the way home from work on evening and left it on the bench in the subway. Funny enough I am just realizing that this is how I lost just about everything on my trip last year. Well at least one of the many ways, I would go in my bag looking for something or to organize everything for a better fit and leave my belonging in a public space in a forge in country. This really does call for a blog post about all the things I lost last year, it got to be a ridiculous amount.

I am, like I have stated before, doing my best to get my writing out there. Instead of trying to make every post perfect af, with pictures and words that are full of my own bs and fluff for the world. So I decided to come to my blog un announced and write without planning out this post. What the fuck am I doing guys.. she says to herself… Wow I got lost what the heck am I talking about here…

Anyways, so I lost my phone and this served as good separation from social media and the internet in general. It reminded me that I need to stop getting all up in the hype of social media. I find that it clashes with my desire to make everything perfect and my best that I judge myself because I’m not presenting as perfect as I can or should be. It reminded me that the reason I wanted to start this blog was to express myself and be as real af as I can in my writing and online.

So it was both a much needed break and reality check.

In other news I am listening to In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson on audiobook. Which is the tales of Bill who is a travel writer. The book I want to read even though at this point I am not over the moon about BUT as I am going to be living in Australia for a year it is informational in a fun way.

I have been writing more than I usually do, even tho it isn’t as much as Id like. I hope that I can’t keep my focus on it and it will naturally grow more and more. I have been writing in my notes on my laptop, so I usually have a lot of different things I write about there.

As previously reflected I wanted to write about all my travels from 2016 before setting out in 2018. This is still my goal, but I want to again write less planned and just get the stories out there, rather than make it perfect.

Some of these posts include posts about how to land tickets to Tomorrowland and my mental health, to keep it all real and shit you know.

Till next time,

Katherine xx



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