4 Months of Katherine On The Road

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 4 months of Katherine On the Road. I started creating this blog in early August. I had just quit my job at Whole Foods Market, which I absolutely detested. I purchased the domain name Katherine On The Road. I also changed all my social media accounts to be Katherine On The Road which include Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and a Facebook Page.

Initially my focus was to write about my 2016 trip in sequence of the cities that I passed through. So far I have completed the first two weeks of travel. So it hasn’t been going so well. I also wanted to explore different online income sources to become a digital nomad. So far I have attempted Stock Photography which I really didn’t enjoy.

I was correlating my blog posts with Instagram, Facebook page and Pinterest. I would try and follow a specific schedule to gain followers etc. and I was getting pretty good at promoting myself on Instagram. Although it was starting to bring feelings which were super impersonal. Everything was starting to feel like work I hated. I was creating content to gain popularity and turn a profit.

I have felt this repeatedly while writing for the past 4 months. Which stresses me the fuck out. I get stuck between the desire of creating content for money and the content that I enjoy creating. It was starting to feel like University all over again where I was writing for someone else rather than fulling myself.

These experiences are teaching me that Katherine On The Road is a space for me to create, explore and write. It is a space where I can document my travels and life experience. A space for me to be honest and real. Where I can become a better writer and will serve as a portfolio for my writing and space of memories and lessons. It is not to be treated like a business.

This post is to remind myself to forget about the numbers and money. Reminding myself to be honest and open. Take my focus off the riches and first create. Reminding myself that I want to write about the feelings and struggles I go through along with the exciting and joyous experiences.

After these 4 months I have learned that I will continue to struggle in life. That writing is hard. That staying focused is hard. That being honest is hard. That I really like money but being authentic comes first. Finally, that everything I read about not writing a blog to make money quick is true.

So here is to the next four months. To writing exactly what I want to write and being as honest as possible. We’ll see where it goes.

Love from Katherine <3

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