Electric Island – Toronto, Ontario

Main Stage, Toronto Island

Electric island happens throughout the summer in Toronto, usually over the long weekends. If you’re visiting Toronto, enjoy electronic music it is an event I recommend. An event which you can enjoy with Canadian Locals.

This September was my first time attending, even though I have heard about it for years. It happens on Toronto Island, which is probably the best festival venue I have been to in to Toronto Area. The trees, view of the CN tower and setting sun made the atmosphere relaxed and pretty.

Side Stage, Toronto Island

It is also a 19+ event. Which makes a huge difference. The crowd is more mature than other local outdoor festivals such as Digital dreams or Veld. This may also be because I’ll hangout at the back of the crowd rather than up close.

The music was solid. My favourite artist of the night turned out to be Chris Lieberg. I didn’t see this coming but it took me back to last year in Berlin. Lieberg is from Berlin and it reminded of the music I heard in Tresor. His set transported me back in time and those memories, so good! It reminded me of all that happened, the people I met and things I was going through. It’s amazing that music can bring us such amazing feelings.

The food trucks were also really good. I was able to grab some vegan tacos, which was a plus for me instead of resorting to getting fries which is my go to when I can’t find anything vegan to eat.

This was the first festival that I have been to in a long time where I was sober. It definitely changes the scene, as I am not as preoccupied with getting really fucked up. It was nice to enjoy the music and not have a come down from the weekend that lasts my whole week. Even though I was sober, I was still so exhausted. I laid in bed all day and didn’t even try to show up for day two.

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