Caught By A Con Artist: Bangkok, Thailand

This is a good story to say the least! Please laugh at my silliness. It is ridiculous. I have no idea what I was thinking, at the same time, it is completely me. Enjoy!
Temple of Was Pho, Bangkok
I can be quite strange, I a lot of my characteristics are paradoxical, things which contradict each other. For example, I am told I am a deep thinker yet I am naive as fuck, which this story fits to a T.
I had just arrived in Bangkok. I was staying at a hostel close to the hospital to take the pins out of my hand, yes another great story of mine you must read. It was a pod hostel, there were very few other tourists, no one seemed to want to connect. I was exhausted from travel, just left all the friends I made in Europe. I did’t know any Thai and had not made any strong connections. Hearing it spoken and seeing it written everywhere were confusing. The money is different and I did’t understand the currency exchange. To say the least I was deep in culture shock.
After my hospital visit I moved to a hostel in the backpacker hub of Bangkok. The first evening was a nice relief. I didn’t realize how much I had missed communicating in English. That evening I was with a bunch of new friends, still adapting to my unfamiliar surroundings and made an ignorant as fuck comment that “Everyone here is so poor”. Which was followed by being called a basic white girl, which made me ball my eyes out. Hahaha. Seriously. I swear those tears were just waiting to come out and that stupid comment was perfect for it. And I hope this paints the mindset that I was in at this time.
The next day a fellow hostel mate and came back to tell us of this man who was a fortune teller and told him his name and other facts about his life ahead. Being me I’m like OH MY GOD, that is so cool as fuck, this is such a magical place, all doe eyed and eager. I’m like maybe I will learn something from this man. He must be spiritual because he lives in Thailand…… Again please laugh.
So I decided to go seek out this man instead of him seeking me. I wanted to be spiritual and woke as fuck too. As a side note writing this pains me. My friend show’d me where this man was, I introduced myself and wanted to know more.
So I talk with this man and he guides me to a ally with a chair where he tells my fortune and we talk about spirituality. Then he writes on a piece of paper what he thinks my first boyfriends name is, his age, my moms name and my birthday and gives it to me. I hid it in my purse so it could not be touched. We continue in conversation about my life and that I must donate to his charity in Indian for orphaned children. I did enjoy this conversation but I get to a point where I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. The naive side of me was thinking remember there is no way that he can be lying to me because we are speaking about god, life and truth, why would he lie? Please cringe with me. At this point I go to take out MORE money and wave to my friends on the way… I return and this continues.
Finally I answer the questions of how old is your ex boyfriend, what is your ex boyfriends name and what is your mothers name and when is your birthday. I pull out the piece of paper that is what he wrote! It was in my purse the whole time, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! So I give more money to the orphanage. Once this is shared. Finally leaving feeling very uneasy and scammed, although I was unable to figure out what I was feeling until a few minutes later.
Gogh darnit. I should have listened to my intuition. Once I figured out how much money I had given away in Canadian dollars I realized I had given him $300!!!!
I GOT CONNED, BIG TIME! Silly freakin’ me.
Anyways, this gives me a good laugh now. Right after I cried and then for a good while I was really angry and myself and that man.
I still am not exactly sure how he knew the answers to things only I would know. But clearly he does this everyday. He was so good at grasping my attention and fooling me into thinking I was there for something more. The more I think about it the more I realize how many red flags I didn’t pay attention to. I have since read many related stories and one theory of how this was possible is that he was writing with his toes.
I hope this story gave you a good laugh, I hope it also teaches you not to be as stupid as I was an give someone 300$ for telling your fortune.
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