One Year Travel Anniversary

2016 vs 2018

My travel anniversary has come and gone for when I left on my solo backpacking trip around the world. I took off on July 13th, 2016! Wow, I can’t believe it has been over a year. Looking back I had been planning my escape for years. Backpacking has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. To know that my dream was fulfilled is amazing, I made a dream come true. My original plan was to leave July 13th and return home September 15th of 2016. As soon as I had a glimpse of living abroad and working around the world, I didn’t want to leave. I did finally return home on November 26th, 2016.

Me and the Dalija Crew, Croatia

My journey started off in Amsterdam, then I went to Tomorrowland, did a week long cruise in Croatia, worked in Bulgaria, partied in Ibiza, surfed in Portugal, fell in and out of love, played with elephants in Thailand, climbed lookouts in Hawaii and Swam in warm Australian waters. It was hard and exhausting yet also a few of the best months of my life! As soon as the end of my trip was insight, I was planning to hop on the next plane once I could afford it, but “reality” set in.   I was broke and in debt on my credit cards. I was depressed, lonely and felt misunderstood. It seemed that I had to work a full-time sophisticated position. I started to apply for jobs, so I wouldn’t have to work bartending or another minimum wage position again. I applied to at least 100 plus

positions, I worked hard preparing for interviews, yet none of them came through. In the mean time I worked at my old bar job, then as a PSW and finally as a cashier. Finally getting out of debt and was starting to save again.I now see not getting those jobs was really a blessing. I was always secretly hoping that I wouldn’t get each position. They all terrified me. I didn’t want to feel trapped somewhere not knowing what I was working towards except a bigger day check. I wanted to be travelling around the world and find a way to make that my lifestyle. I had such a desire to travel and explore. I wanted to create and make art. I wanted to explore different cities in the world to be inspired. I wanted to see how others live. I wanted to get out of my city and have the freedom that I dreamed of.   That is  what brought me to start writing for Katherine On The Road.  This is my new travel dream. Living and working around the world having new places to explore, create and be inspired. Striving for this is what gets me excited and passionate and I am not going to settle for anything less. No matter what obstacles I am going to face, this is the path I am choosing to pursue in my life.  

Surf Lessons in Portugal
Surf Lessons in Portugal

On this blog you will find Travel, Lifestyle and Artistic guidance. I shall share my passions for different countries, cities, people, food, art, culture and scenery around the world. I am going to share my travel experiences to show you how to and how not to travel, with all the places to go and things to do. I am going to share stories of growth and change through this experience. I am going to share guides as I learn how to become a digital nomad. I hope through this blog I can connect with people who like myself have a million reasons not to follow their dreams but do so anyway.

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